About Us

Welcome to the Aiken Silent Meditation Group

* * * PLEASE NOTE * * *

We are on a short hiatus. There will be NO meditation held this Spring. Please check back later to see when we will resume. We apologize for this interruption.

* * * PLEASE NOTE * * *

Sundays 6:30 – 7:30 pm
(newcomer orientation at 6:00 – discussion at 7:30)

Aiken Unitarian Universalist Church
115 Gregg Avenue, Aiken SC

Bring your own cushion if you wish, otherwise chairs are provided.
Childcare is usually provided, but please contact us first to verify.

A $3-5 donation is requested to help cover expenses.

If you haven’t been to our silent meditation before, we encourage you to attend a brief orientation at 6:00, before the 6:30 session starts. In it, we will explain what it is that we do, suggested ways to sit, and a brief suggestion on how to meditate.

The Aiken Silent Meditation Group is a non-sectarian and secular Buddhist community serving the greater Aiken, CSRA, and Augusta area. Our primary focus is to provide a weekly gathering of people who enjoy the benefits of regular group meditation practice. Meditating with others makes our practice more powerful and helps us feel more connected. Most find it to be an important reinforcement to their daily solo practice.

We are a very relaxed group and open to both the new and the experienced meditator. We purposely are comprised of all lay practitioners and therefore are not led by any monk, lama, rinpoche, sensei, roshi, or priest, nor are we affiliated with any particular Buddhist tradition or organization. Although our session style is based very loosely upon a Zen structure and we offer suggestions on vipassana (insight) meditation techniques, we are non-sectarian, secular, and welcome those from all traditions, faiths, and religions.

While some elements of Buddhist teachings will be presented and a discussion will usually follow the meditation, this is not meant to be a dharma group. To learn more about various aspects of Buddhism and meditation, we provide a list of recommended books and web links to helpful resources under the “resources” tab on this website.

 We look forward to your joining us and becoming a regular part of our group!